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    • 肩こりを防ぐ運動 December 18, 2013
      ベッドや床に寝て行うストレッチ運動です。  ①ベッドあるいは床の上に仰向けに寝て、頭の後ろに本を当てます。本は [...] […]
    • 肩こりを防ぐにはよい姿勢が一番大切 December 18, 2013
      筋肉の疲労から来る肩こりは、どのようにすれば防げるのでしょうか?基本的にはよい姿勢を保 つことにつきます。簡単 [...] […]
    • 頭を前に出していると肩の筋肉に強い力がかかる December 18, 2013
      なぜ首や肩にある筋肉が疲労するのでしょう?ここでもう一度背ぼねのS字状のカーブと姿勢との関係を思い 出してみま [...] […]
    • 肩こりの多くは悪い姿勢が原因 December 18, 2013
      肩の筋肉が疲労する 肩こりは、首から背中までの広い範囲の場所に起こります。これほどよく知られた症状であるにもか [...] […]
    • 本日の小ネタ!肩こりはなぜ起こる? December 18, 2013
      こんばんわ! クドケンのブログ担当の美紀です(*^^*) 今日は肩こりはなぜ起こるのか?について記事を書きまし [...] […]

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  • full service interactive digital media agency

    " helping brands to engage new audiences with new social orientated media "

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    the history of our company and insights into our ethics


    Our History

    NI-Limits Sdn Bhd [754411-W] is a Malaysian based company resulting from a merger of several independent web development agencies (Pixel Media, Webb Designs and Quartz Interactive) and international freelancers who have been working together since 1997. NI-Limits have become one the leading digital design and web management companies in the region, providing state-of-the-art service through a team of both Malaysian and foreign professionals with the mission of delivering unparalleled support to both international and local Malaysian markets.

    Our Ethos

    We provide a secure family-themed home for individuals seeking to explore the boundaries of browser-based technological innovation and inner personal-growth. We have developed a highly creative environment that allows individuals to exceed the expectations of their own capabilities and be appreciated for true personal value. We maintain an incredibly innovative focus with continual research and development that forces ourselves to the forefront of browser-based technological understanding. We promote a personally calming yet energetically infused international atmosphere that stresses the spirit of freedom and open-mindedness.


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    digital design & graphic manipulation

    compliant coding & hardcore development

    social-media & social networks

    general support & hardware management


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    three random clients alphabeticalised...

    F&N (100 Plus)

    Red FM



    are you under appreciated and looking to join
    our friendly team of web-ninjas...?

    we're presently looking to fill the following positions...

    Interactive Web Developer

    Candidates should have a deep understanding of online communities and user interfaces, with a solid foundation in basic HTML and CSS, along with the following skill requirements:

  • A minimum of 1 year working experience within our (web-development) industry
  • Proficient with PHP, CSS, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and AJAX
  • Senior Web Developer

    Candidates should have a deep understanding of online communities and user interfaces, with a solid foundation in basic HTML and CSS, whilst also having leadership capabilities and qualities, along with the following skill requirements:

  • The finest web-kung-fu skills imaginable (AJAX, PHP & API Development)
  • An understanding of MVC frameworks and OpenSource technologies such as WordPress
  • Senior Web Designer

    A minimum of 3 years experience in our industry (web-design) and a full portfolio, whilst also having the following skills:

  • A creative mind
  • An ability to design for the web
  • Business Development Executive

    The Business Development Executive is responsible for fostering new business - from making initial telephone calls, through to arranging meetings, conducting presentations, following-up with opportunities and liaising with the development team for specific requests. They must also have the following skill requirements:

  • An understanding of the technologies we use (such as HTML & Flash)
  • An understanding of the marketing tools we use (such as Social-Networks & Widgets)

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