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Twitter Attacks and Integrated Tweet-Powered Homes « NI-Limits
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  • Twitter Attacks and Integrated Tweet-Powered Homes

    Connecting to the whole world on a daily basis is a tough job to maintain, and despite the recent attacks against Twitter, which have been documented in two articles by TechCrunch, they and the general public supporting them have done a good job moving forward and expressing a new side of their lives.

    By using some of the technology acquired through Microsoft, written information on a map can now be written live. And Earthware featured an article that described some of the benefits and uses for such applications on the net.

    We (Earthware) have been working on a demo which uses Microsoft’s latest mapping technology to integrate mapping with twitter to allow people to tweet their message and location and plot these on a map to show thoughts and details on a specific topic/event, for an international company, or for global issues. Here is a demo app we created that was used by Microsoft in the launch event for their new mapping product. It shows you the kind of things you can do with animation and mapping.

    Jennifer Van Grove highlighted in her Mashable article about some cool uses from Tweet Street.

    Sockington is one of the most popular cats on Twitter, and currently weighs in at over 480,000 followers. That’s an astounding number given the fact that there’s no science or magic behind Sockington’s online persona — it’s just Jason Scott doing the tweeting on behalf of his cat.

    The Washing Machine Hack, created by Ryan Rose (you can follow his laundry @PiMPY3WASH ), adds a network port, BS2 Stamp, 9volt power inverter, and limit switch (detects wash mode) to a Maytag washer to create an automatic way of getting notified that your laundry is done. Now this is useful.

    From the inexplicably popular Sockington the cat to the technologically impressive baby kick sensor, plant water level detector, and power monitor, we’ve found a few terrific examples of Twitter with a twist.

    • Pets all-a-Twitter: Pets and social media go hand in hand. Cute as Hell is viral, iPhone apps for pet lovers abound, and there’s a smattering of pet related sites all barking for your attention.
    • Wish Washers: The Washing Machine Hack @PiMPY3WASH navigates the washing machine activity and lets you know when the clothes are done.
    • Communicating with Plants: The Botanicalls kit uses your Ethernet connection to tap into the health of your plant.
    • Monitoring Power Usage: Tweet-a-Watt tracks the power usage in every room of the home via Twitter.
    • Fresh From Oven Twittering: BakerTweet can tell the world that something "hot and fresh" has just come out of the oven, literally.
    • Tooting & Tweeting: The Twittering Office Chair detects the natural gas of human flatulence, yes – farts and posts an update about it.
    • Baby Movements: Kickbee is a device created with vibration sensors and strapped to a pregnant woman’s belly to monitor and post each movement or kick in the form of instant Tweets.


    Seems like almost everything needs to be tweeted about, in a way the world has become more "nosey" with the invention of Twitter…but there are some good uses, including devices integrated through Twitter, and Twoddler is one feature that monitors the activity of the baby within the crib and tweets about it, as discussed in Adam Ostrow’s Mashable article.

    “The software captures sensor data from the activity center and tries to select a predefined text that is related to that sensor data. We are extending the system so it becomes easier to relate certain patterns of sensor readings with a set of strings. At this point, it’s unclear whether or not the device will make it to market, but the team did win 5000 euros for their prototype at a developer competition earlier this year. While it’s unlikely to ever replace the baby monitoring tools that parents depend on, we certainly could see some use for it when your baby is with the sitter and you want to keep in touch, so to speak.


    Seems like Twitter has influenced even the fictional universe. In this case, Star Trek fans have the opportunity to tweet in the Klingon language using various Klingon phrases online.


    Game publisher Cryptic has created a way to allow you to express your innermost thoughts and feelings in Klingon. Head over  to TweetKlingon.com.  There you can  install an app that allows you to post items to your Twitter account in the language of Kahless. You can translate from English or choose from a variety of useful phrases. The app is part of Cryptic’s promotion of its upcoming Star Trek Online MMORPG, which launches on Feb. 2, 2010.



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